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Fine Art Commercial Installation on Hilton Head

I was so delighted and honored to be a part of the J. Banks Design renovation project recently completed at the Park Lane Hotel and Suites on Hilton Head Island. Designer Jenny Ladutko selected four images from my portfolio that were local to the area and I created one specifically to hang in the common seating area outside the grand ballroom. Jenny wanted something local, timeless, top-quality, but was also working with a very specific color pallet and budget. Many of my images can be tailored to suit whatever custom projects you have. The image directly below is an example of how I manipulated the color pallet in order to coordinate with the subtle coastal tones in the space. It is just one the many ways in which I can create something beautiful, sophisticated, and unique that sets projects apart from the rest, all while staying on budget. Whether it’s simply working with color tones or printing on different materials such as fine art paper, wood, metal, canvas, silk, or even leather, the possibilities are truly endless. Presentation is everything so ask me about ways to enhance your custom projects and take them to the next level!

Custom Colorization

Final Selections

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