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There is just something about the crisp fall air that feels like coming home. Living on the coast is amazing but love it when I get a chance to go back and visit the upstate. In honor of National Farmers Day (which I didn’t know about but was just informed of its existence via Facebook), I have decided to share some outtakes from my weekend. My in-laws happen to have a little slice of paradise in a little town called Ninety-Six right outside of Greenwood, South Carolina. I was traveling to Greenwood to watch “the house” for jon holloway during a wedding reception at his beautiful Sundance Gallery and got to stay at the farm. I had fun playing around with my camera and the farm life. These images remind me of one of the most rewarding photography projects I have ever worked on. It was with jon creating images from the rural areas in Laurens county to outfit a nursing home there. The images we created really stuck a cord with the residents and meant more to them than I ever anticipated. Maybe these images will strike a cord with you too. So enjoy the chickens and let me know what y'all think!

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