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"Elements of Home"

During my extended quarantine at the beginning of 2021, I challenged myself to use the time I wasn't trying to keep my two tiny humans alive in a productive way. I began noticing different elements and textures in and around my home that interested me. I started exploring the effect of multiple exposures; layering textures, lines, compositions, objects, and colors. In the midst of the chaos, I found an entirely new inspiration for a series I have titled "Elements of Home". These images are a beacon of hope for me, a reminder that some of the most wonderful things in life come from hardships, and that we can create beauty from the challenges life throws at us. The following images are printed on fine art brushed metal panels to reflect the endurance, strength, and resilience that they represent. Enjoy!

"Our attitude can turn our problems into blessings."
-John C. Maxwell

If you like what you see and would like to purchase a Fine Art Photographic Print please contact me.

"Elements of Home"
(12 piece panel installation; 10"x10" panels on brushed metal)


"Elements of Home"
(triptych installation; three 24" x 36" panels on brushed metal)

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